Meet the Team


I would say I have been fishing ever since I was a kid.  Fishing has always been a huge part of my life; I love everything about it.  It has always been a chance for me to really just relax and enjoy everything God has blessed me with.  Most of my best memories fishing have come being out with my Dad.  He has taught me everything I know pretty much.  However, the biggest thing he has taught me is how to truly enjoy the experience regardless of how many you catch.  I am a bass fisherman at heart, but since we started the show I have learned a lot more about other species of fish and how to catch them.  Crappie fishing has become a new love of mine, I love the finesse element about it. As for That’s A Good Fish, I have truly been blessed to be a part of it.  When Austin and I started the show it was kind of as a joke.  We were just messing around and filming.  Now, I really believe we have something special and I want the show to be the best it can be.  This show means a lot to me, and I hope through our episodes you can see the love our crew has for fishing but also the passion we have to put on a show that you are proud of.  Thank you Lord for giving me the ability to do what I love.  God has truly blessed me.



Hey Folks!  A lot of you may not know, but fishing wasn’t a huge part of my life until Paden and I met; which was that fall of 2009. I was a “corn” boy from a small town in Iowa and who would’ve thought, just a few short years later; we would have show and crew!  Ever since we met, Paden and I have been fishing mainly for bass but we have also fished for other species and that is how we came about this show. This show isn’t just about fishing, but about family, friends, the outdoors and most of all, God. Fishing is now a huge part of my family and I hope to not only pass on my love for Christ and the outdoors to you fans but also to my new family member, my son, Gatlin! He will be on the show soon.  Some of you may have forgotten about me, as I haven’t been on an episode recently but that will change. Big things are happening here at TAGF so grab your popcorn, get your sweet tea and hang on to your lifejackets! Love ya’ll and remember THAT’S A GOOD FISH!



Hey guys.  Caleb Morey here..I’ve pretty much been fishing since I could walk. My Dad always hauled me along with him on all of his fishing trips teaching me tricks of the trade along the way. Some of my fondest childhood memories are fishing with Dad. After college life started to get hectic, and I began to lose sight of some of the finer things in life… like fishing. Until Paden started hanging around more. He helped reignite that desire within me to spend time in God’s creation enjoying all of His blessings. Now I have two beautiful children, and I can’t wait to teach them how to haul in the big ones. I’m a bass fisherman first, but I will never turn down the opportunity to hunt anything with fins. Trout fishing is my second specialty. There’s nothing like catching a trout on one of my own hand-tied jigs. Fishing is a true stress reliever for me. There’s nothing like hearing the wind and waves on a beautiful sunny day and thanking God for all He has done. And if you manage to catch a fish, that’s just icing on the cake. Job 12: 7-10



Stinger Sam Stanley aka Unkl Stinger Stinger Been fishing since I was about three years old, like most kids my dad and grandfather and uncles would make sure that I was doing it right!!! It quickly became an addiction and a passion; really more therapy as I’ve gotten older.  Fishin’ has allowed me to meet some incredible people and fish some incredible places; with that being said it automatically makes me have to stop and give God all the glory for this incredible creation!! I finally figured out that the addiction the passion for the outdoors is rooted deeply in the addiction and passion that comes from an unconditional love, grace and mercy that only Christ can give.  You see without that relationship it’s just fishin’.  You can enjoy all that fishing offers you if you understand and see that if not for an awesome Creator to create all this for us to enjoy; on top of that gave his only son as a sacrifice so that we may share eternity with Him.  We were created to bring him glory, and bring him honor in all things that we do, say, think. That’s a Good Fish has been a key to unlock that passion for Him!  Our real lives seem to drag us down sometimes, but with TAGF I can just be ME no labels from my past or present life just UNKL STINGER; a big 45 yr old kid who just wants to fish and share both of his passions with you!!!!!! I can honestly say God has put us together & my life has purpose & meaning now!! I’m so thankful for Lester allowing me to be a part of such an incredible opportunity, where laughter & Rippin’ lips meets in your home, and on your phone.  Take THAT’S A GOOD FISH WITH YOU EVERYWHERE YOU GO!!!!! We love y’all, God bless!! BAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMM!!!!!!!! UNKL STINGER




The names Chad, I’ve been fishing since I was in diapers. Like most of these guys my dad taught me how to fish on our private lake aka Hog City!! I have been raised on our small farm outside of Lamar, Missouri. I am currently the youngest of the TAGF crew. The good lord blessed me and I was able to meet Lester and been fishing with him ever since. I hope to continue our relationship and catch more “Good Fish” with the TAGF crew! Thanks for everything! God bless.





I graduated from “Pits”burg State University with a double major in mathematics and bassology. He twice represented Pitt at the National Collegiate Bass FishingChampionship. Since retiring from competitive fishing and moving to southwest Missouri he has become a stream fishing enthusiast, spending his time split between trout and bass fishing. He is looking forward to bringing more stream fishing expertise to TAGF.




I started fishing way before I can even remember at a very young age. My aunt and cousin would take me to a local park where we would use worms, bobbers, and safety pins for hooks. Although our success was limited, my love for fishing and the outdoors grew stronger and stronger each day. When I was Jr. High I moved to a lake in Carl Junction, Missouri called Spikes Lake. It was a tough lake but the grind and time spent fishing paid off in some big fish and great experience on the water. It was then I met Paden and we started fishing regularly. We grew through our fishing experiences as we traded knowledge. This was very important to my development as a fisherman because of him and his family’s strong tradition of fishing. We started fishing tournaments together out of my father’s boat, making sure to bring tons of snacks including hot wings. In any endeavor for greatness, you need hard work and dedication. It helps to have some luck. The That’s A Good Fish team may have came into my life by luck but they have shown nothing but love and support. We are all working towards sharing our experiences as we become one with nature, God and his beautiful creatures/creations.


One of those weird “flyfishing” types. Constantly roaming anywhere (and I mean anywhere) and everywhere to find where the fish fight and the lines are tight. When I’m not wandering the streams, I’m at home cranking out flies, jigs, and other hooked creations. I’ve been a lot of places, but the Ozarks is definitely the perfect storm for anglers like myself. I’ve encountered wild trout, huge bass, monstrous catfish, tricky carp, prehistoric gar, and other creatures roaming the range of waters that surround the That’s a Good Fish headquarters. God bless, and tight lines to all!






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