Why Suspending Jerkbaits Work in Cold Water!

Cold water.  Suspending Jerkbait.  The two go hand in hand and it has been that way for years.  When that water gets cold a go to for most fisherman is the suspending jerkbait.  Why?  Well, with cold water temperatures comes dying shad and baitfish.  The jerkbait is a great imitator of a main forage for most bodies of water.  SHAD.  When the shad start dying then that jerkbait bite is on.

Just because you may not see dying shad in the water doesn’t mean they won’t hit a jerkbait.  I LOVE the jerkbait when the water gets into the low 40’s.  Seems like I have had some of my best days when the water is at or around that temperature.

Throwing the jerkbait out and just reeling it in isn’t gonna get it done.  You have to have a cadence to your jerkbait that you are confident in.  My buddy Trey Morey doesn’t pause his jerkbait very long but he catches a lot of fish on a jerkbait.  I used to pause it for 5-10 seconds almost every time I threw one but I have kind of gone to a Twitch, Twitch, Pause for 2 seconds and then Twitch, Twitch, Pause 2 seconds again.  It’s just what I have confidence in.  Now obviously when you aren’t getting bites you may need to change your jerkbait color, or change your cadence up a little bit.

My go to jerkbait is the Megabass Vision 110.  It seems like it outproduces every other jerkbait EVERY time I use it.  Believe me, at the $25 price that they cost I don’t want them to be my go to jerkbait because they can break the bank.  However, on days where I have thrown other jerkbaits and then I switch to a Megabass and start getting bites.  Below is a recent video that I filmed with Tyson and we caught a couple good fish using some of these tactics.

-Paden Bennett

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