Keep Grindin’

Keep Grindin’ guys.  As a fisherman, we have all had those days where it’s just a grind.  Bites are hard to come by, and in your mind you’re wondering why you aren’t catching fish.  I like the challenge of figuring the fish out, that’s part of fishing but we’ve all had those days where you just have to buckle down and keep casting.  I had one of those days a couple days ago.  I was out with Stinger Stringer and an insane cold front had went through.  We had three days in a row of warm temperatures and high winds.  The day we went fishing the temperature had dropped to 50 with partly cloudy conditions and high winds.  Combine all that with a pressure change and you have yourself some tough conditions.  I still wanted to go though.  We were going to be fishing some very, very clear.  Sometimes with clear water, high winds and cloud cover can help.  At least that was working for us.  We started out the day throwing spinnerbaits, swimbaits, and chatterbaits.  Pretty much anything moving on shallow flats where the water had warmed up over the previous couple days.  We caught some fish but it wasn’t anything special.  A couple keepers, nothing #YUUGE.  IMG_7179

This next part is absolutely why you have to keep grindin’ and keep casting.  We had caught a couple nice crappie earlier in the day and I told Stinger and his son to take some pictures of them if they wanted to.  I decided I was going to throw a few more casts as they were doing this.  I was throwing a finesse spinnerbait and actually the wind had died quite a bit and the sun was out.  It was about 4:00 PM and the conditions were not good for cold, clear water pits.  We were better off with the cloud cover and the wind on paper….but I threw “one more cast” as they were taking pictures and hooked a stud.  I yelled at Stinger to get the net because this was a day changer!  It jumped twice and then I really realized how big this fish was!  Stinger got it in the net and it was absolutely #YUUUGE!  Just YUUUGE.  We weighed it and it was 8 lbs and was 23 inches long.  A total stud.  Moral of the story is…keep castin’, keep grindin’, and keep doing what you love.  I was always taught fishin’ is a blast, catchin’ is just a bonus.  Get out there and enjoy being in the outdoors this year!




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