Cold Water Tricks

Hey guys, winter is here and the water is getting chilly!  A lot of fisherman out there tend to put all their rods and tackle away once that water starts getting below 50 degrees.  I’m here to tell you that there is a lot of good fishing to be had in the winter.  In fact, some of the biggest fish of the year are caught in the winter.  In the winter, bass will move deeper (especially in clear water) to isolated brush piles, ledges or humps.  Bass will also stack up off points and secondary points on the main lake along the channel.  winter bass

One of the keys to fishing in the winter is to SLOW DOWN.  Bass are lethargic in the winter and are not feeding as regularly as other seasons.  However, the bass are still feeding and sometimes they are looking for big schools of bait, bigger shad, or even trout depending on what part of country you are in.  This gives bass fisherman a great chance at landing a personal best bass.  Sound good?

A couple of my favorite rigs/techniques for wintertime bass fishing are:



  1. Suspending Jerkbait
    • This is one of the best tactics for getting those big lethargic bass to bite.  Work the jerkbait in a slow but rhythmic motion and pause frequently and let the bait suspend.  Often times, this is when the bass will strike.  Once again, if you’re not getting bites; work the bait SLOWER.
  2. Alabama Rig
    • Over the last 2-3 years this rig has really picked up some steam.  It is a really fun bait to throw because when they hit it, they absolutely annihilate it.  The A-Rig imitates a ball of shad better than any bait/rig you will find on the market.  Check your state regulations on how many hooks are allowed to be used.  This rig is simple to use, just throw it, let it sink and real it back slowly around points, bluffs, channel bends, anything really.
  3. Jig
    • Another long time favorite of the wintertime bass fisherman.  The jig is really good in all times of the year; but in the winter time it is an easy bait to work really slow on the bottom.  Imitating a crawdad most of the time; this bait is a must have for the tackle box in the cold, cold months.

So yes, the water is getting cold.  That doesn’t mean it’s time to stop fishing!  Grab your gear, get out on the lake and catch your personal best largemouth!  Or….just go trout fishing.

-Lester Whiteside

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