Friday Rhyme (Tasty Trout)

I had a decent idea today that may be funny, may be lame, or it may be so bad that people just tell me to stop.  At the end of every work week (Friday) I will dish out a poem that has to do with fishing in some way.  I have done this on a few of our episodes such as: “Trout & Menopausal Women” as well as “Spawning Crappie”.  So today I will post my trout poem.  Here it goes, let me know what you think! Whether it sucks, or is awesome…..let me know….BAAAAAMMM!

Guide my jig through the water,

The rod is my clay and I’m the potter,   trout

Don’t be afraid tiny trout,

You will be the main course meal,

At our cook out,

Nibble my jig and be the one,

Who is so tasty when I’m done.

-Lester Whiteside

*This poem is kind of contradictory because I’m not a huge fan of eating Trout, especially Browns.  Although there is something about going up into a little mountain stream; catching and eating some beautiful brook trout right on the side of the stream.

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