Melvern Madness!

Well we filmed Sunday the 27th with Brian Ondrejka and Kansas Angling Experience Guide Service on Lake Melvern.  What a trip it was!  I came in thinking that we would be catching them on swimbaits, crankbaits, and maybe even some topwater. 12072578_10153613094475782_2680171434277764266_n Boy was I wrong!  Frank Snagger and I stayed at the Wyatt Earp Inn in Lebo, KS and what a pleasant stay that was.  We woke up about 5:45 AM and met our cameraman Caleb Spangler at the truck stop and headed for Melvern State Park.  We met Brian
and DJ and got on the water around 6:30 to a beautiful sunrise.  We started out fishing a point early in the morning with schools of shad everywhere.  Seems like a perfect topwater or swimbait opportunity right?  That’s what I thought.  Nothing really happened.

As the day went on it became clear that it was going to be a bluebird sky day with little to no wind at all.  That meant it was time to start finesse fishing for these bronzebacks.  I picked up my “Ned Rig” and began throwing it along the gravel and chunk rock points.  I hadn’t heard of the “Ned Rig” and when I saw it I thought it was kind of a joke.  It is basically a jighead with half a senko on it.  hqdefaultHowever with the 10x material that Z-Man makes the bait is more buoyant and stands completely vertical in the water.  I became a believer fast!  I started getting a lot of bites on this rig and didn’t put it down the rest of the day.  I caught one smallmouth that was around 3 lbs and the other over 2 lbs.  Frank caught one over 2 lbs on the Ned Rig as well.

We had a great day learning about a new lake and a new finesse tactic.  Make sure you give Brian Ondrejka (913) 484-9055 to set up a guide trip with him!
It is going to be a blast going through this footage and turning it into an awesome episode! Lester signing off. Thanks!


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