Swimbaits Catch Big Fish..It’s Simple

Swimbaits catch big fish.  You’ve heard it before, I’ve heard it before, everyone has.  I didn’t used to believe it until I actually started throwing them.  It’s amazing how if you actually commit to a lure and throw it you might actually catch some fish on it.  It’s true, swimbaits do tend to catch a bigger average size of Bass than other lures do.  If you are patient and continue to have confidence in it; it can really produce some big, big fish for you.  I just started making my own swimbaits with a former teacher of mine and our swimbaits work great.  We have about 3 different designs and I have caught a 7+ pounder, a 6, a couple 4 1/2 and even smaller fish.  IMG_5946

The thing is, big Bass don’t like wasting their time and energy on a meal that can’t in turn give them the energy they need.  So when you see guys in California catching GIANT bass on trout swimbaits and things like that…it’s normal.  Big bass eat big baits.  Sounds simple because it is.  Swimbaits are designed to be as natural as possible.  They are made to imitate a large bass, trout, or shad and draw the larger bass out and get them to feed.  It is a fun way to fish because when you get a bite they HAMMER it!  Give the swimbait a try, no not just one cast.  Actually throw it a lot and you will be amazed at the GOOD fish you bring in!



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