Fight For the Bite!

There are days when fishing is easy.  You know the days where the water temperature is just right and you have figured out what they are feeding on and you are catching HOG after HOG.  However, there are also days where the fishing may be great but the catching is a whole different story.  Sometimes you have to “Fight for the bite”.  When the day is tough, sometimes you just have to buckle down and try a whole different approach to catching the fish you’re after.  One thing is for certain, there IS a way to catch those finicky bass, those depth specific crappie, or those walleye.  Actually, most of the time you just don’t catch walleye….I mean they are stinkin’ hard to catch.  Back to what I was saying, you have to “Fight for the bite”.  You have to buckle down and change your presentation or your tactics.  10984087_10202440703337617_4279009811278192810_n

Today, the bites were hard for Stinger and I but we buckled down and caught some really nice slab crappie!  We slowed down a little bit and went back through the spots where we had located fish and it paid off.

Don’t let a tough day discourage you, not only do you get to go fishing but you also get to most likely catch a fish or two!  It’s not about catching, fishing is about being out on the water with people you love and enjoying what God has given you.


Stinger Stringer

Stinger Stringer

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