Windy Conditions (Bait Choice)


Spring is here.  With Spring, comes wind.  With wind, comes backlashes.  With wind, comes frustration.  With wind, comes….FISH!  We’ve all been there, you look outside the sun is shining it’s warm and you are ready to go fishing.  Then you get out to the lake and the wind is howling.  Wind can easily get some fisherman discouraged.  I’m here to tell you that when you see the wind is blowing; you should be pumped.  Why?  Wind (especially in the spring/summer) can really help the fish start to feed.  This time of year when you are fishing your local lake or pond; look for the banks that are catching the most wind.

The wind blows all the baitfish (shad, minnows, shiners) over to the wind blown bank and with that surplus of food being pushed towards the bank comes the Bass, and other predator fish.  When I am fishing this time of year and there is a decent 532895_10151518724915782_1718313499_namount of wind I go to baits such as: spinnerbait, crankbait, swimbaits, rattletraps etc.  You get the point.  In windy conditions, I want something that makes some vibration in the water and also kind of “glows”.  The baits mentioned above work great for windy conditions.  So when you go outside and see that the wind is blowing; don’t just just say “it’s too windy”.  Instead, go out there and fish the windy banks with some baits that are mentioned here!

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