“Magic Hour”

Welp it’s here.  It is storm season here in Missouri.  That means late nights and “tornado parties” as my wife and I like to call them.  However, this time of year can also bring some EPIC fishing.  When I look at the weather channel for the week and I see that there are going to be some severe storms rolling through, I immediately take a look at what time the nastiness is going to happen.  Why?  I want to fish those 3-4 hours before that storm moves in.

I have had some of my best fishing days when there is a severe storm in the forecast.  For whatever reason, the pressure changes and it triggers the fish.  At home in my house, our pets know when a storm is moving through and they get a little anxious and antsy.  I think fish do the same thing, they know when a storm is coming through as well.  Their natural instincts tell them this is a great time to feed.  As the fisherman we are, this means it is a great time go out there and catch them when they are feeding like CRAZY!  I like to call those 3-4 hours before the storm “Magic Hour” because ultimately your fishing rod begins to feel like a wand and you begin to create some magic out on your favorite body of water!  Get out there and give it a shot!  Be safe though!

-Lester Whiteside



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