What’s so good about fishing?

I hear this all the time from some of my friends and my brother Chuck Muskogee; “what is so good about fishing?” They talk about how all you are doing is reeling in a fish over and over (if you’re lucky) or you are just sitting there and casting while not catching anything at all. I’ll admit there are days when bites are hard to come by and mainly you are just out on the boat for a nice “boat ride” as Stinger Stringer would like to say. What my friends and brother don’t understand is that I can have fun even without catching fish and here’s why:

1. Fishing is incredibly relaxing. When I am having a rough week, or something has gone wrong in my life. I immediately want to be out on the water. Why? Because the water is peace, I believe God did a fantastic job creating all the lakes, streams, rivers, creeks and oceans so that I can enjoy them!

2. Jesus was a fisherman. Jesus was a fisherman, so if you really want to be like Jesus……what should you do? You should probably fish more. It’s simple logic really.

3. Great way to spend time with people you love. Fishing can be a great time to enjoy the company of the people you love. The relaxing atmosphere of being out on the water naturally opens doors to great conversation that you may not have had while in a normal situation at home, work, etc.

3. Fishing is a challenge. Fishing isn’t what you see on TV where a fish is caught every cast. While this can happen, there are a lot of days when you go out and you have to figure the fish out. You have to figure out what they are doing, what depth they are in, what they are feeding on, and the presentation that is going to get them to commit and bite. As a male, we all like to compete and we like a challenge. If you want a real challenge then head out onto your local lake on a 100 degree day and try and figure out how to catch a fish. Once you do, it will be incredibly rewarding.

So why am I writing this? Because while I know my friends and brother still won’t understand the appeals of fishing, I know there are a ton of my fellow fisherman out there who go out just to relax, get away from the week, and just enjoy being out on the water. If you haven’t really gave fishing a shot, then ask one of your family members or friends who knows the ways of the fish and get them to teach you. You won’t regret it.

-Lester Whiteside


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