Spoonbill Episode (Rusty Pritchard Outdoors)

Cinco de Mayo is approaching!  May 5th we will be filming an episode on Ft. Gibson Lake with Rusty Pritchard Guide Service!  If you follow his Facebook page then you know this guy knows what he is doing!  He is bringing in tons of big spoonbill every day.  It is pretty incredible.  I have not been fishing for spoonbill before and I am pumped to have one of these hogs on the end of my line.  Dan Barski will be filming for us and the main crew will include Lester, Stinger, & our good buddy Chad!  Get pumped TAGF nation, because BAAAAAMMMMM we are going to get some good fish!


For those of you that have never been spoonbill fishing before either; go check out rustypritchardoutdoors.com and book your trip today!  You won’t regret it!

-Lester Whiteside

TAGF Hookset Contest!

Hey guys, we are going to do something that I think will be pretty funny when I put it all together. YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A FISHERMAN TO PARTICIPATE! If you support us at all in any way please participate!  This is going to be hilarious! We want to see your hooksets! After we receive all of the entries, I will put them all together as one video & we will decide a winner on who has the best hookset! IF you are selected as having the best video/hookset you will get to be on a full episode of our show with the TAGF crew!  This episode will be uploaded on our website & Youtube and we will make a DVD copy of it for you to keep!

I have provided a few examples below the rules.  Read through the rules carefully!

FOLLOW THESE RULES (Multiple Entries Allowed!)

Here’s how this is going to work: (once again you don’t have to be a die hard fisherman)

1. Video yourself in an “everyday” place setting the hook and yelling, screaming, saying That’s A Good Fish!

  • You don’t have to have a rod! Just act like you do!
  • IF you are filming with your phone please film HORIZONTALLY, it looks much better when I edit.
  • once again don’t do this when you’re actually fishing
  • I want this to be in an everyday place (work, home, on your couch, while cooking etc)

2. Wear a That’s A Good Fish shirt IF you have one!  If you don’t, then no big deal!

3. Send your video footage to thatsagoodfish22@gmail.com labeled with your FULL NAME!

4. Have fun with this! Once I put all this together it is going to show TAGF nation and all of their awesome hooksets!

Here are a few examples I have made….

Expect the Unexpected!

Well Lester and I headed out early this morning for a full day of crappie fishing, but the day didn’t exactly go as planned. The weather was supposed to be warm and partly cloudy, but instead we had to deal with overcast skies and cold mist on the water. Not to have our spirits dampened, we headed out with a great attitude and anxious expectation for what the day would hold. Loaded up and ready to go, the sad sound of a dead battery halted our excitement. There we were in the middle of the lake without enough power to turn over the engine. After an hour or so of switching from battery to battery, we finally got a hold of some jumper cables to get the engine turned over, and from then on out it was nothing but fishing. We hit multiple points and coves where we had slayed crappie before, but not a bite… The day was not going as planned. Lester and I are pretty good at rolling with the punches, so we headed for the mouth of the inflowing river to target largemouth bass.

Lester Whiteside

Lester Whiteside

Lester quickly hauled in two big keepers, and just like that the excitement was back. This could be a big bass day. We targeted the muddier water with spinner baits high in the strike zone and did quite well. After mixing in some crankbaits and rattle traps we had hooked quite a few decent fish.

Fishing is rarely as you expect it to be. Just like life. We make elaborate plans to guide each step we take, but sometimes life throws you a curve. This is where our reliance on God comes in. Life is often not as we have planned, but we must remember that God is in control. We must have faith that He will get us through and decide to enjoy the ride. We didn’t come home with a livewell full of crappie, but we did come home with some great memories and a couple of BASS THUMBS.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

-Frank Snagger

Frank Snagger

Frank Snagger

Frank Snagger

Frank Snagger

Fight For the Bite!

There are days when fishing is easy.  You know the days where the water temperature is just right and you have figured out what they are feeding on and you are catching HOG after HOG.  However, there are also days where the fishing may be great but the catching is a whole different story.  Sometimes you have to “Fight for the bite”.  When the day is tough, sometimes you just have to buckle down and try a whole different approach to catching the fish you’re after.  One thing is for certain, there IS a way to catch those finicky bass, those depth specific crappie, or those walleye.  Actually, most of the time you just don’t catch walleye….I mean they are stinkin’ hard to catch.  Back to what I was saying, you have to “Fight for the bite”.  You have to buckle down and change your presentation or your tactics.  10984087_10202440703337617_4279009811278192810_n

Today, the bites were hard for Stinger and I but we buckled down and caught some really nice slab crappie!  We slowed down a little bit and went back through the spots where we had located fish and it paid off.

Don’t let a tough day discourage you, not only do you get to go fishing but you also get to most likely catch a fish or two!  It’s not about catching, fishing is about being out on the water with people you love and enjoying what God has given you.


Stinger Stringer

Stinger Stringer

Windy Conditions (Bait Choice)


Spring is here.  With Spring, comes wind.  With wind, comes backlashes.  With wind, comes frustration.  With wind, comes….FISH!  We’ve all been there, you look outside the sun is shining it’s warm and you are ready to go fishing.  Then you get out to the lake and the wind is howling.  Wind can easily get some fisherman discouraged.  I’m here to tell you that when you see the wind is blowing; you should be pumped.  Why?  Wind (especially in the spring/summer) can really help the fish start to feed.  This time of year when you are fishing your local lake or pond; look for the banks that are catching the most wind.

The wind blows all the baitfish (shad, minnows, shiners) over to the wind blown bank and with that surplus of food being pushed towards the bank comes the Bass, and other predator fish.  When I am fishing this time of year and there is a decent 532895_10151518724915782_1718313499_namount of wind I go to baits such as: spinnerbait, crankbait, swimbaits, rattletraps etc.  You get the point.  In windy conditions, I want something that makes some vibration in the water and also kind of “glows”.  The baits mentioned above work great for windy conditions.  So when you go outside and see that the wind is blowing; don’t just just say “it’s too windy”.  Instead, go out there and fish the windy banks with some baits that are mentioned here!


Hey guys, we are still trying to fill up our Fan Photo section of our website with all of the big fish that you guys have caught! If you have some pictures you would like on the website then please email them to thatsagoodfish22@gmail.com or post them to our Facebook with your name! The That’s A Good Fish (TAGF) crew cares about your fishing expeditions and most of all we love seeing GOOD fish! Send us those photos now and they will be on our website for everyone to see!

Mark 6 pounder

Jesse Myer

“Magic Hour”

Welp it’s here.  It is storm season here in Missouri.  That means late nights and “tornado parties” as my wife and I like to call them.  However, this time of year can also bring some EPIC fishing.  When I look at the weather channel for the week and I see that there are going to be some severe storms rolling through, I immediately take a look at what time the nastiness is going to happen.  Why?  I want to fish those 3-4 hours before that storm moves in.

I have had some of my best fishing days when there is a severe storm in the forecast.  For whatever reason, the pressure changes and it triggers the fish.  At home in my house, our pets know when a storm is moving through and they get a little anxious and antsy.  I think fish do the same thing, they know when a storm is coming through as well.  Their natural instincts tell them this is a great time to feed.  As the fisherman we are, this means it is a great time go out there and catch them when they are feeding like CRAZY!  I like to call those 3-4 hours before the storm “Magic Hour” because ultimately your fishing rod begins to feel like a wand and you begin to create some magic out on your favorite body of water!  Get out there and give it a shot!  Be safe though!

-Lester Whiteside



What’s so good about fishing?

I hear this all the time from some of my friends and my brother Chuck Muskogee; “what is so good about fishing?” They talk about how all you are doing is reeling in a fish over and over (if you’re lucky) or you are just sitting there and casting while not catching anything at all. I’ll admit there are days when bites are hard to come by and mainly you are just out on the boat for a nice “boat ride” as Stinger Stringer would like to say. What my friends and brother don’t understand is that I can have fun even without catching fish and here’s why:

1. Fishing is incredibly relaxing. When I am having a rough week, or something has gone wrong in my life. I immediately want to be out on the water. Why? Because the water is peace, I believe God did a fantastic job creating all the lakes, streams, rivers, creeks and oceans so that I can enjoy them!

2. Jesus was a fisherman. Jesus was a fisherman, so if you really want to be like Jesus……what should you do? You should probably fish more. It’s simple logic really.

3. Great way to spend time with people you love. Fishing can be a great time to enjoy the company of the people you love. The relaxing atmosphere of being out on the water naturally opens doors to great conversation that you may not have had while in a normal situation at home, work, etc.

3. Fishing is a challenge. Fishing isn’t what you see on TV where a fish is caught every cast. While this can happen, there are a lot of days when you go out and you have to figure the fish out. You have to figure out what they are doing, what depth they are in, what they are feeding on, and the presentation that is going to get them to commit and bite. As a male, we all like to compete and we like a challenge. If you want a real challenge then head out onto your local lake on a 100 degree day and try and figure out how to catch a fish. Once you do, it will be incredibly rewarding.

So why am I writing this? Because while I know my friends and brother still won’t understand the appeals of fishing, I know there are a ton of my fellow fisherman out there who go out just to relax, get away from the week, and just enjoy being out on the water. If you haven’t really gave fishing a shot, then ask one of your family members or friends who knows the ways of the fish and get them to teach you. You won’t regret it.

-Lester Whiteside


Cinco de Mayo! Spoonbill Episode!

Hey folks, as of now we are planning on doing an episode with Rusty Pritchard Outdoors for some big Spoonbill!  If you don’t like his page on Facebook then you need to!  This guy knows how to catch these massive beasts and in great numbers.  Rusty and his crew for the last couple months have been bringing in high numbers of quality fish.  Myself, Stinger, and our buddy Chad will be featured on this episode.  I cannot wait to get down to Ft. Gibson and hook into one of these BIG fish for the first time!  Just thought that I would let you guys know what our plans were and as always stay tuned!  Cinco de mayo is near!


-Lester Whiteside