Ahhhhh yes….Spring!

Spring is finally here!  That means it is time to get your fishing rods out and head to your local pond or lake.  I’ve been out quite a bit recently and the water is starting to warm up into that prime-time zone in the 60 degree range.  Bass are moving up on the bank looking for places to spawn and the big female crappie are moving up as well.  Fishin’ is only going to get better with this warm weather coming our way this week so get out there and catch some GOOD fish!

-Lester Whiteside



Welcome to our website!  First off, I just want to thank you guys for all the support over the years.  We started doing this show just for fun but now it has elevated to something more.  We have you guys to thank for that!  This show is something we are extremely proud of and we hope to continue to make you proud.  For the 2015 season we have a lot of awesome ideas for some new episodes.  I know our cast is ready to start the 2015 season and I hope you guys are ready for some more lip-rippin action as Stinger Stringer likes to say!

-Lester Whiteside